Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Being the Best You!

"You get the best out of others when you get the best out of yourself." 
~Harvey S. Firestone
American Businessman.
(1868 - 1938)

While it is not even the year-end, and the clock is not near striking midnight, it has already started - the New Year's Resolution talk, the plans for making changes, and the ads for working out, losing weight and more!

While those resolutions may be fun to think about, plan around and fantasize regarding the results, the reality is you can shift from making resolutions to creating a new tradition this year, one of being the BEST you moving forward...if you like.

For what reason? Well, those resolutions are typically vague, and words such as "better", "more", "less", and "improve" fill them with hope while providing very little measurability and accountability. Also, resolutions can be about what is perceived as "wrong with you", where making the tradition of being the BEST you, is not about what is wrong or off, rather it is about giving your all, contributing your expertise, and making the most of each situation, opportunity and engagement you have/get!

The difference in a resolution, which may sound like this: "I want to eat healthier", and a new tradition BEST statement such as "When making food choices, I will serve myself well by choosing wisely for nutrition and enjoyment". Similarly, a shift from "I want to slow down and say no more" becomes a BEST statement of "I will make sound choices for my interests and schedule in order to be present with people and in situations".

Moving from making resolutions to improve to making a commitment to be the best in attitude, approach and actions will allow you to be focused, stay accountable, and make the most of your energy and outcomes in 2020...and beyond!

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