Thursday, February 23, 2012

Message Me This...

"A message prepared in the mind
reaches a mind; a message prepared in
a life reaches a life."
~ Bill Gothard, American Clergy, b. 1934
Some of us may remember the days of busy signals and no voicemail options. There were times when if a human being did not connect with you, there was not a way to get a message to someone until the next call or the next day.

We have come a long way!! Still, with the technological advancements, we have gone backwards in some ways with our communication…in particular when it comes to messages for people.

With caller ID and immediacy in mind, often people do not even leave messages when calling anymore. Similarly, people often return calls without listening to a message if one is left.

Please leave a message if you want someone to return your call (instead of assuming that person saw your number and knows to call). And, when you leave your message, let the person know what you are seeking (rather than “Hey, it’s Debbie, give me a call”). This is a consideration of the person’s time, and if done well (with name, number, message, name and number), the person can return the call, and if s/he gets your voicemail, can answer your question and end the seemingly ever-lasting phone-tag that fills a lot of our to-do lists!

Likewise, if you are returning a call, please do listen to the person’s message before calling. This is a courtesy to that person, and, you can answer his/her question and you could end the seemingly ever-lasting phone-tag that fills a lot of our to-do lists!

So, while we get frustrated by not reaching someone, it could be worse, we could be hearing the wonk-wonk-wonk of a busy signal, or incessant ringing! Leave a message…listen to your messages. Having the ability to leave a message and communicate something is a great opportunity for each of us…failing to take advantage of it is not respectful of the technology or either person’s time!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let Others Shine

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” ~ Proverb
As the successful person you are, you have likely been working for some time (and maybe that has even been a long while) to establish yourself and/or your practice or company. Congratulations on all you have accomplished! With the competitive spirit you have, and the drive you surely maintain, often it is not ego, rather habit that keeps you doing things yourself within your company or group.

Imagine yourself a few years (or more) ago when you were hungry for an opportunity…looking for a break. Did someone give you that shot? Did you feel good about getting the chance to shine?

This day, this week, this month, there is a time when you can either do what you typically do or let someone else have that opportunity to succeed, to do something new, to be the one “out-front”. Will you seize that moment as a leader, and relinquish the “do-er” part of you to allow someone else to get his or her break?

Go ahead, let them shine…after all, it will cost you little, and will be an investment in the leadership of both of you!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Power of a List

A list is only as strong as its weakest link. - Donald Knuth, American Scientist (b. 1938)
Some of you are really good at making lists...especially "to-do" lists! There is some satisfaction in crossing things off the list for many people. Believe it or not, there are those among us who add things to the "to do" list after having done them...just to get to cross them off the list! Imagine that...

Lists can be good, they serve a purpose in some ways...and only for a certain amount of time. The power of a list is to take each "to-do", and give it a place. Once you make a list, get out your calendar and schedule each item. Even if the schedule takes you into next year or beyond, put those things in their place.

A list without a time and place to do each thing on it, is just your subconscious wondering when, when, when!!!

If we continue to make lists, and more lists, and different lists, we attempt to get organized, and what we really do is potentially fry our minds. Go ahead, make that "to-do" list, and then, right after it, schedule when and where you are going to accomplish those things, and then destroy the sheet on which you wrote your list...and then watch your "to-do"s become the catalyst(s) for action, and the first step in results rather than a piece of paper with lines and lines of things you haven't done!