Tuesday, November 26, 2013

RSVPing Responsibly

You'll likely be getting and/or sending an invitation or two in the next few weeks, and below are some reminders for RSVPing respectfully and responsibly.  And, while RSVP may mean "repondez s'il vous plait" here, it means that plus: 

R - Respond minimally 5 days prior to the event, and absolutely by the RSVP requested deadling 
S - Say "yes" or "no", and no "maybe" or "I'll try", or "I might stop by" 
V - Volunteer to assist with something, and if you are the guest, volunteer to clean up  
P - Plan to be at the event on time (not too early or really late), and stay minimally an hour

For what reason?  For the following reasons:

R - People who plan events buy food, place seats and so much more.  Last minute changes make for last minute changes for the host, and the host has enough to do!
S - Being a maybe or a non-responder warrants being a "no" to me, and yet some others are not as steadfast.  Being a maybe is self-focused, and can appear as though you were just waiting for a "better offer".  Make a decision and stick with it. You are not doing anyone a favor by being at their party, so decide what is best for you, make no excuses or add any grandeur, and simply do what you say you are going to do.
V - It's formal etiquette, yes, and yet, it's just the right thing to do.  Offer to participate before, and mean it.  If that is not requested, then act on the clean up immediately on your own.  Unless you are told differently, keep cleaning and enjoy the whole evening/event's experiences.
P - Arriving too early and going up to the door, or into the room, is just as unfortunate as being terribly late is.  Shoot for a 15-30 minute range for arrivals if you are hosting, and have a call or something you can do out in your car if you are a guest.  Plan to arrive within 10 minutes of the start if things are more formalized than a simple open house.

These RSVP tips are not mean to be confining or stuffy, rather encouraging and empowering.  By RSVPing with kindness and care, thoughtfulness and follow-through, you will be a guest who just might have a ball, and get invited back!

Gobble Up the Gratitude

"Gratitude is the most exquisite
form of courtesy."
- Jacques Maritain 
French Philosopher 
(1882 - 1973)

Whether it is appreciation, happy, love, gratitude, a look, or another expression you have for the giving of thanks, gobble it up...and give of it freely!
A simple "thank you" can be the best thing someone hears all day.
A smile can be the most welcoming, sweetest sight someone can see all day.
A hug or kiss can be the best connection someone gets all day.
A sincere "you're welcome" can validate that appreciation, and encourage someone to keep giving more, where nothing, or a "no problem" may make the person feel as though the thank you wasn't worthwhile.
A returned smile with the softening of the eyes and the shine of your pearly whites can reinforce how powerful a kind look can be instead of a furrowed brow meeting a smile as though it is saying "what are you smiling at?".
An extra second on the hug or kiss can make that other person feel as though she or he will really be missed when gone, as opposed to the superficial air kiss or shoulder hug.
Only a turkey would miss out on such a feast of gratitude this Thanksgiving...or any time of the year!