Sunday, January 29, 2023

Achieving Success!

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." 

~ Abraham Lincoln

Success is often an aspiration, an inspiration, a dream, and a goal.

So, what is a success, and how do you get to "it"?

In order to enjoy and experience your success, please consider the following for getting "there":

1) Define what success is for you - not for others, not those who are mentoring, coaching, or even supporting you - simply for you! What does that look like, feel like, and more? You want to have that sense and focus first so you can move ahead.

2) Be mindful of imposter syndrome, which is believing that others will realize you are not as good as you present yourself. The way to overcome that is to stop comparing yourself to others and really own your experience and expertise for the value you bring.

3) Be happy for other successful people, SINCERELY, and not simply in words or posts - SINCERELY - no gossiping or jealousy of others. At the same time don't apologize for being smart, right or passionate about a topic.

4) Surround yourself with successful people AND continue to learn and grow both humbly and proudly! Often we hear we become the 5-6 people we surround ourselves with - and it is true, so choose wisely, and if you distance yourself from someone, remember, what they do may be successful for them, just doesn't for you at that time. Stay away from judging them, and be open to them changing, as they may be inspired by you, OR they may be defensive, and simply wish them well.

None of this will distract you or take away for your enjoyment in life and business, rather it will all buoy you up to experience all you can as you are succeeding and sharing that success with others!

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Monday, January 16, 2023

Four Keys to Public Speaking Success!

People say “Fake it ‘til you make it,” that “You’ll get better at presenting by presenting,” to “Picture everyone in the audience naked, or look over their heads, to calm your nerves,” and “When you practice, it sounds scripted, so just shoot from the hip to sound real,” and yet these untruths are part of what makes the idea of public speaking the no. 1 fear for Americans.

Public speaking is not the problem. It’s not the issue. How public speaking is perceived and how it is incorrectly “taught” are a couple of the challenges with people being successful presenting ideas, products, and even themselves.

In the face of all this presentation confusion, how do we increase our presentation prowess? It’s by overcoming all that ill-advised counsel with truths and practical, useful tips that are readily implementable. The four keys to presenting beyond public speaking fears and misperceptions are:

1)  Be an expert on the topic, and don’t be concerned if other experts are there too. It’s a presentation, not a competition.

2) Put the audience first by setting a goal for them, about them.

3) Get out of your own way by being present and not being concerned about how you look, sound, or the day you had before presenting, or what you have going on after presenting.

4) Come from a place of gratitude, with thoughts and comments of “I get to present today at 1:00 p.m. on our first quarter 2019 outlook” rather than “I have to speak on the 2019 number later today.”

About those lies…here are the truths:

Specifically, resist “faking it ‘til you make it” by focusing on making it about what you are doing until you make it to the next step, and onto the next step, and ultimately to the subsequent results. Make it about sharing and learning, and then you don’t have to fake your interest or your effort.

Let go of the notion that you’ll get better at speaking by speaking. Sadly, you will simply get used to being average, at best, if you do not change how you are speaking. You will get comfortable speaking, and yet average and comfortable are not likely huge draws for audiences. How you improve speaking is by engaging the audience, keeping your ego out of your efforts and off the stage. When you have that all set, you can let your personality shine and your persuasiveness connect.

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