Friday, August 29, 2014

Quick Tip - Voicemail and E-mail Follow-Up

Since not everyone is on the same schedule, and emails and voicemails do seem to "disappear" at times, when you follow up with someone, please consider saying something like "You may or may not have gotten my message (voicemail or email), and in it..." instead of putting someone on the spot with "Did you get my email?" or "Did you get my voicemail?", and then waiting for them to say "yes" or "no", and likely following it with an explanation that, no matter how it comes out, sounds like an excuse to you.

Allow someone to save face with your grace by following-up with them in a non-questioning, kind way to keep the message positive, and positioned from professionalism and thoughtfulness versus something that may feel attacking and/or confrontational!

Friday, August 15, 2014

From Reason to Results-Knowing the Purpose Driving Outcomes!

"For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth."
-  Bo Bennett
Former U.S. Senator
(b. 1933)
Sometimes the truth isn't hard to face, or difficult to share, it is sometimes simply something we haven't thought intentionally about, put in order, or even put in words!  And yet, if we are straightforward, and transparent with others, as well as ourselves, the truth, our own truth, is the reason, the purpose for what we say, to, and desire to convey.  It works like this: 

When you start with the purpose, the reason for what you believe, support, sell, promote, and more, for the things you choose to do, you can then create an approach, that leads to an option or offering, and then know the way you got to your results.  This is true in personal and business situations. 

In business, you must know the reason/purpose you are in existence, and that reason is not "To make money", or "To be the best XYZ", rather it is your passion, your direction, and it is something more personal and purposeful than just hopeful.  From there, your passion leads/guides your approach.  If you ultimately produce something, this approach  includes quality, styling and more.  The offering, in that case, is the product, and the results include how the product impacts the customer's life.

Individually,  it is important to know you, your purpose.  The reason you get up in the morning is your base.  When you have your inspiration, you have your grounding...your foundation.  That purpose serves to fuel your approach - a positive, pragmatic, or other attitude.  That approach is the sense for your actions, which, in effect, are your offerings.  People respond, and your get results with and through how people either connect or don't connect to you.

In either case, personally or professionally, it is the reason you are, the purpose that drives you, that ultimately leads to the results you yield..and hopefully those you want and deserve!