Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Share Your Voice...

At a public event this weekend, I had an opportunity to share my voice, so to speak. From that little bit of sharing my passion and voice, quite a few people have contacted me with questions or interests, and now, each of us is growing and changing...because each of us shared our voice.

How many times do you want to say something or have a way to do something but hold back or blow it off in your mind? If you would kindly remember that your voice...your opinion...you, matter, so the sharing of your voice is a way to be heard and for others to hear. Consider it a way to learn and grow yourself and possible for others.

Here's to your voice...please let it be heard!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Allow Other's Inspiration, Make Your Motivation!

There are amazing and inspirational people all around us!

My friend, Melissa, just finished the Walk to Santiago, where she persevered in wind, cold, heat and dryness alone on a walk that was inspired by the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo (a wonderful, quick read!). She experienced inspiration in literature and found motivation in herself. She did it right...and with an amazing affect! Congratulations to Melissa!

Often people seek others' stories, ideas, experiences for motivation rather than inspiration. Inspiration is time-based and external, where motivation is internal and purpose-driven. When I meet someone and s/he expressed "oh you are a motivational speaker" after I share what I do, I simply smile, and offer the difference in motivation and inspiration. Quite a bit of the time people remind me that they had not thought of it that way. Then, almost as frequently, I am asked "then how come people call themselves motivational speakers?". I believe it is because a lot of people do think they can motivate others. I do not claim to be that powerful since motivation is what carries one through to the end. I will not be there for every thought and experience, just as the book was not those things for Melissa. Her motivation was sparked by the reading and story in the book, and that inspired her to tap into her own, pure motivation.

Like Melissa, those who seek inspiration in others and stories, knowing they are personalizing them and making a plan for themselves, will likely see their accomplishment through, for they are relying on themselves and learning and growing as themselves and for themselves...without the need for external pushing.

I am all for inspiration, that is part of what I provide, I am just humble and aware enough to know it only goes so far. When you see or hear something inspirational, personalize it, look for tools to make it your own, and then watch your own motivation drive you to your results!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Different Is as Different Does

So there we are, one of my best girlfriends and me, walking on the Old Gandy Bridge, AKA Friendship Trail, with our walking poles and our MBTs when we are faced with many strange glances, comments and even head-turning stares. That's fine with us, as we know we are different in our shoes and choice of exercise equipment!

The people we encountered who stood out most were:

1) The very young mother with her child in a stroller with another girl in her teens who simply had never learned manners or forgot all of them at that moment when she not only made ugly, contorted faces and stared, she gave her child an example of how not to make a good impression, demonstrate tolerance for differences or show even the slightest amount of couth and character


2) The upbeat woman in her late 20's to mid 40's who was fit, walking with a bounce in her step and hand weights who smiled as brightly as she could and cheered "don't you love those poles? I have them, too!" as she passed us at a fast pace.

The first woman brought out our pity for her for lack of exposure, lack of curiosity to learn and grow and for her child's example. We talked about the sadness and anger that drives behavior like hers and the way it negatively impacts others and perpetuates her own ways.

The second woman inspired us and put additional pep in our step and got us talking about how one person cheering on another has such power and is so appreciated. We talked about positive approaches keeping someone young and fresh and we couldn't say enough good things about the woman and the impression she made on us.

We smiled back at both women and kept on our way, and will likely forget neither soon. The questions posed to you are: who do you resemble most in this scenario and what does it cost you to be like the second woman over the first?

Invest in others even through words or a smile and you are investing in yourself...time and time again!