Friday, January 30, 2015

Quick Tip - LEADing through Questions' Responses

While questions are a big part of connecting, learning and more, sometimes the answers are not enough. In addition to getting the response, sometimes we must lead others beyond the reply. This can be done through taking the LEAD:

L - Listen to learn, not to respond.
E - Expect to know things that are shared & to also be surprised by some information conveyed. 
A - Ask for specifics & ideas when someone provides insights and considerations. 
D - Decide on next steps/approach as to what to do separately and together.  

When you LEAD, you listen, expect, ask and decide...all beyond what was initially asked or heard! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Your Inner Champion Emerges

"If you're a champion, you have to have it in your heart." 
~ Chris Everett
A former World No. 1 professional tennis player from the United States
(b. 1954)    

January can be a time for setting goals, making plans, and even stating New Year's resolutions. It is not the change of date, or year that makes it the "right" time to do your best, or set your sights on being a "Champion" of discipline, weight loss, outreaching to old friends, or spending time with family.

Sometimes a new year gives us ambition or hope that sadly fades as days pass or old habits return...all to leave us feeling unaccomplished, and even un-champion-like! Let's not let that happen!

So how can that disappointment be avoided? Instead of setting yourself up to potentially fail, set yourself up to a way that let's your inner Champion emerge. Some steps for inner Champion exiting through words, actions and results include:
1) Define what a Champion is for you.
2) Look yourself in the mirror (literally and conceptually) to see what and who is there.
3) Be realistic about your interests, your capabilities, your ambitions, and your willingness to take action.
4) Be honest about what you don't like, don't do well, and what you don't want to do.
5) Put aside others' images, expectations, and pressures on you.
6) Imagine what you want to be, do, and have that will make a difference in your life from a confidence, courage, and champion-perspective.
7) Share the ideas/plans with someone, or some-ones you like, admire, trust and respect.
8) Act on your imagination, desires, and your overall champion plan.
9) Reward yourself with recognition of progress...not perfection.

Reflect the Champion you are in your attitude, actions and your that Champion emerges in ways you may have never expected!