Wednesday, April 27, 2022

GRACE without Pressure!

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
~ Denis Waitley
American motivational speaker, writer, and consultant
b. 1933

Would you rather get bigger in purpose, or smaller in feeling?

For growing, empower yourself to have GRACE under pressure & GRACE with people! 

How so?

·    G - Give yourself and others time to process a conversation, experience, or unexpected occurrence

·    R - Recognize intent and result...knowing results impact most, and yet realizing intent offers perspective

·    A - Accept that you cannot change the past, so focusing there creates defensiveness, where focusing on the now and the future allows for movement through action

·    C - Consider how to move forward rather than spending energy on how to get ahead

·    E - Expect to get through challenges and missteps, oversights and mistakes rather than get over them

The GRACE you practice will be the grace you share and feel eventually. The criticisms of yourself and others can become opportunities for feedback and advancement when GRACE is meant, felt and shared. With GRACE, you have given yourself, and others the ability to be human while you are being humane, and you are showing empathy over excess and professionalism over demands. After all, It is with GRACE we grow, and it is without GRACE that we shrink.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Lessons Learned from Ribbon Cuttings!

 Barely a week goes by without me being asked to cut a ribbon somewhere, and I'm usually happy to oblige. Things to do with the Army mostly.
~ Vera Lynn
British Musician
March 20, 1917 - June 18, 2020

When a new business gets started, changes locations, or adds a new location, a celebration often ensues. It's fun to launch, kick off, congratulate, and more...especially if there is a ribbon-cutting to capture it all!

Having served on a local chamber board for 6 years, believe it or not, I only attended one ribbon-cutting, and it was huge...that business is now tremendously successful after much growth and continued pursuit of sales and opportunities. I feel joyfully (perhaps oddly) connected to them and look forward to their updates each month, yet did not really think about the connection to the ribbon-cutting until this week.

Flash forward, and now I have been a member of a different chamber for 6 years, and in that time, have attended 4 ribbon-cuttings until this month when, within less than two weeks, I attended 5 ribbon-cuttings. Because I have the honor and opportunity to serve our community as the Chair-Elect, I want to be present, appreciative, welcoming, and learn as we congratulated the new members and businesses through accomplishment and make them feel the inclusiveness of our community, and here are seven lessons learned:

1. Remember this hour or two-hour time frame is significant, and therefore, a big deal for the business owner and team, likely, and they may be excited, nervous, and emotional, so while this is one aspect of your day, it is THEIR DAY for the team members of the business, so bring enthusiasm for them or stay home

2. There is no standard ribbon-cutting, as most people have either never been to one, or only been to one or two, so this concept has many varied ideas and expectations for the hosts, so let it be what they want, rather than what you expect

3. Some, very few, people attend A LOT of ribbon cuttings, and yet they are not professional ribbon cutters, rather they seek out the free "stuff" such as food and give-aways

4. As a guest, be gracious, appreciative, and inquisitive by ensuring you introduce yourself to those hosting and others and ask the people involved about sharing how they got where they are as well as about their business and business goals/plans

5. As a leader/owner or representative of the organization, have words ready to prepare and a plan for the event/time

6. To have a memorable ribbon-cutting, having a theme, coordinated attire, music, food, drink, and a photographer, along with swag, makes it an event/experience rather than just a photo-op

7. If you post and share about it, include photos of the building and team members and not just yourself so their marketing can get more mileage from the experience/investment

If you are wondering how these lessons learned carry to anything other than ribbon-cuttings, please imagine this for going to someone's home for the first time or a party. People have put in some effort and included you, so graciousness and gratitude can go a long way!