Monday, August 29, 2022

Lessons Learned: Sweet 16 Four Ways

It is a point of pride and humility to celebrate the Presenting Powerfully Sweet 16! Thanks for whatever you did to contribute to the past 192 months!

Based on the keynotes, strategy, facilitation, emceeing, coaching, and consulting, here are four lessons learned along the way:

1) Know your expertise and your lane. Stay there and get really good at all you do, and resist adding options that supplement yet do not showcase expertise. Get with others to collaborate and/or refer, and you will keep your purpose and integrity intact for you, and importantly, you will serve your clients, patients, and/or customers best!

2) Embrace and honor your value and do not hesitate to share the investment schedule. Know your industry and other rates, and yet be specific about your offerings and ROI. With that, don't discount. While I offer considerations, the word, idea, concept, and application of a discount does not exist, as that would sound like clients are getting less than the full offer since mine is a service business. 

3) Have a process. For each offering, I have learned what and how things work. By documenting this for each, the sharing of the engagement becomes a good flow. Ask questions, confirm, and commit in writing. Rarely does someone say I asked too many questions. Still, over the years, I have asked too few. Keeping a process keeps mistakes to a minimum, and the questions that serve the conversation well at a maximum!

4) Be grateful for each engagement or sale. Stay away from thinking something is small or little, and think of the impact you get to have. I certainly do! 

While there are many good and challenging lessons that have, thankfully, been learned, there are four of them. Keeping those in mind, when you have your expertise, value, a process, and gratitude, know that sweet 16 gets even sweeter on the way to 17, 20, and beyond!

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Monday, August 15, 2022

Making the Most of Your Moments

If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?

~ John Wooden

While nobody can give you the gift of time, and we all have 24 hours in our day, there are certainly many ways to make the most of each day, hour, and moment, so here are 10 that have served me, and many clients well, over the years:

1. Have a morning routine (and an evening one, too). This keeps order. Routine is not restrictive, it is freeing, as there is no uncertainty or ambiguity for your mind to wonder what is happening next!

 2. Know life’s timing = your relationship with the clock. Yes, that may sound woo-woo, and yet if you dread going to bed and/or the alarm and are a snooze button-er, you likely have a confrontational relationship. If you keep your phone or alarm away from you, you will get up and get moving from the start!

 3. Eliminate lists, schedule all tasks & have buffers. People dislike this tip, and yet, lists only satisfy your wandering, wondering brain for a short while. If there is a list, your mind wants to work on accomplishing it, so that is the reason to schedule everything after prioritizing. Building in buffers allows for bio breaks and slight tweaks.

 4. Prioritize & ask for priority with clear boundaries. Sharing when something will be used and what the reason is for the priority gives context to those involved in a deadline, so ask, if you are given work to do, and offer if you are sharing.

 5. Start early & complete the worst first. When you get used to getting up a few minutes earlier than you used to, you can schedule the items you dislike or dread first. The reason is not to ruin your day, it is to get that behind you quickly to make the most of the rest of the day!

 6. Stop saying “swamped”, “stressed”, “slammed”, “crazy”, and/or "busy" so you stop getting your self-talk caught up in negativity. Instead, use "productive", "fully booked" and "well-scheduled".

 7. Say “no” or “no, thank you” & resist “busy-ness” in your day. You do not have to explain the reason, and you can wish people well as you move forward without accepting a "to do" that you don't want!

 8. Time chunk & allow time (not hope) with short meetings. 20 minutes is typically ideal for you starting and finishing something or getting enough accomplished on a project that it keeps you going without bogging you down.

 9. Focus on 1 thing at a time (no multi-tasking). S you don't get distracted, practice saying "If you give me In 5 minutes to finish this, I'll give you 100% of my attention" or "I'll come to you as soon as I am done with this." (And then do it!)

 10. Create organizing systems (mental & physical) that work for you! There is no "one-way" to be organized, yet all clutter is mental clutter, so get disciplined in how you stack, file, pile or repurpose things, and watch how your energy during your waking (and sleeping) time aligns with making the most!

You may want to implement 2-3 of these at a time (see what I did there) for impact on your day and your outcomes. Then, layer in other approaches on the list. With those free moments, please let me know how you are doing, okay? Thanks! Cheers to good times and good timing!

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