Sunday, August 30, 2015

Get & Stay Engaged

"It takes a little bit of mindfulness and a little bit of attention to others to be a good listener, which helps cultivate emotional nurturing and engagement." 
~ Deepak Chopra
Indian American author and public speaker. He is an alternative medicine advocate and a promoter of popular forms of spirituality.
There are a lot of distractions in a and outside of our minds and environments! And yet, being distracted is not what most of us would like others to see in us, or believe about us. When we are "caught" distracted, often an apologetic and or embarrassed response follows.

What do we do to be get and stay engaged? Please consider thinking and/or thinking about:

E - Establish a focus. Asking yourself "What is my specific focus?" will get your attention!
N - "Not now!" Tell yourself some things will wait, and your time is about what/who is right there.
G - Goal. At onset of an interaction, establish your combined goal with the other person/people.
A - Ask questions. Get engaged with what and how. Stay involved with what else, and how so!
G - Gather notes. On the phone, over video, or in person, notes let you listen with your pen.
E - Energize. Provide positivity and glean from others' high energy. Energy drives engagement!
D - Dedicate. Dedicating time to follow-up means you won't race, get distracted or forget.

Not allowing life's distractions to interfere will allow you to have the focus and results you desire. Getting engaged and staying engaged are ways to amp up your professionalism, your commitments, and your relationships...all with less apologies for not being "there" for others (or yourself)!  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sending Meeting Requests

Sending Meeting Requests
So many people use electronic calendars, and a fairly common request is "Please send me a calendar request, and I'll see you there". When you send that calendar request, resist thinking about YOUR calendar, and think about the invitee's calendar. 

For example, if you are Sam Smith, and you are sending the meeting request to Becky Jones, please do not schedule in your calendar "Becky Jones" as the subject and "My Office" as the location, and invite her. She will have her name and my office on her calendar, which means nothing to her! She will have to accept your invite, and then create another event for herself to "interpret" your invite. That's not thoughtful or considerate on your part, now is it?

Instead, if you are still Sam Smith, and you are sending the meeting request to Becky Jones, please do schedule in your calendar "Becky Jones and Sam Smith XYZ Meeting" as the subject and "123 S. Main Street" or minimally "Sam's Office" as the location, and invite her. She will now have everything on her calendar that is relevant, convenient and efficient for a productive meeting with you where you agreed to meet!

Since how you present IS how you are remembered, by presenting a meeting request thoughtfully, you are revered and remembered as that thoughtful professional you, Sam Smith, are!!