Friday, October 20, 2017

Effective Introductions

One on one, and in group/networking settings, people often say "I'd like to introduce you to..." instead of simply making the introduction!

Adding useless filler before connecting two, or more, people takes time, so instead, get to the introduction(s) by:
1) Smiling at the people involved.
2) Stating the "Higher Ranking" person's name as you look at him/her
3) Saying "Please meet" or, "this is,"
4) Sharing the "Lower Ranking" person's name as you look at him/her
5) Offering some positive/connection details about each person in order to "seed" the conversation with ideas to get them started

With that approach, you can stay or go, and know that there is more than an introduction, and that you have started the beginning of a real connection!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Banking on Your Emotional Currency Investment

"The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness."

~ Abraham Maslow

American Psychologist

(1908 - 1970)

There are a variety of "currencies" we use daily. We have cash, we have credit, we have time, and we have emotional currency.

In order to "bank" on good things for you, and those you impact, ensure that emotional currency is in tact through the following ten approaches/actions:

#10 - Get your sleep. Resting your mind and your body are ways you can reinvigorate yourself, and keep yourself well as your emotional currency earns interest!
#9 - Assess your habits. Are your habits well-serving, or not? Keep the well-serving habits, and adjust or abandon, change or correct the poor-serving habits.
#8 - Set & Respect Boundaries. Realize what is important, what your "hot buttons" are, and ensure you protect your vulnerabilities while setting boundaries to keep wellness possible and probable.
#7 - Unplug. You can live without devices...and by minimally doing so for an hour each day, you will truly connect with who you are with and what you are doing.
#6 - Have an outlet. If you like yoga, walking, running, collecting stamps, or something else, find something that takes you away from your stressors, distractors and otherwise non-grounding thoughts and actions.
#5 - Say no. Sure, say "Yes" when the opportunity and your interest and time align. Say "No" when they do not. There is no reason to explain your "No", and adding "thank you" after the "No", may make the rejection of the offer/idea, even more comfortable to say.
#4 - Practice positive self-talk. Ensure you are not saying to yourself "I'm so dumb" or "I don't know if I can do it", as your external speak is tremendously important, and your self talk is 10 times more important, as you set yourself up for success and forward momentum with the well-serving self talk. Your emotions, and therefore, your emotional bank, gets filled and/or depleted by others, and you!
#3 - Talk it out. Having someone who you trust for getting positive discussion and perspective is huge. With that person, or people, to offer realistic engagement, if you are going to talk about challenges, please have a "vent vacuum" whereby you only keep the griping to only a few moments (set a timer), and that you turn things around with, and for, positivity.
#2 - CARE. Use your Communication, Appreciation, REciprocation, and Expectations in being well, and using your emotional currency in a positive effort.
#1 - Know you are now, and always will be, more than what you do for a living. What you do is important, and who you are is more important!

To get, be, and stay well, use your emotions, and your bank of this currency to "buy" yourself the opportunity to be get there...with an investment in you!!