Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Lessons Learned: Insights from 48 Rounds of Golf this Year!

Golfer or not, you may appreciate this:

Playing 60-75 rounds of golf per year is a joy...wrapped in and/or riddled with excitement, beauty, and even occasional frustration!

This year, golf has been such a sound and safe outlet, to the point that each round has had a special place in my heart, my memory, and some, in my learnings!!

Here are some of the Golf-to-Life observations:

1) Some courses play differently than others on the links. No matter how long, short, or goofy of a time doing something you enjoy may be, it is a privilege to get to be there, so be present and appreciate it!

2) Much like there is sometimes slow play in golf, there are slow days in life, so instead of getting impatient, get focused on something to do at that moment (or minutes of delay).

3) Golf is a game of formality and tradition. No matter how you are dressed (golf attire can be quite colorful and/or casual), good manners and etiquette are to be followed!

4) There is honor in owning a good shot and respect in recovering from a bad shot in golf, and in life, there is honor in being proud without being vain or conceited, as there is a respect in overcoming a mistake with an apology with correction.

There are surely many more! Those four stood out for the time we are in, and likely because this entire year has seen a lot of people acting very different from how they were before, or how others anticipated they'd be.

Whether you are a golfer or not, these four considerations: be present, mind the time mindfully, practice good manners, and own your actions and outcomes, are quite likely an empowering combination for your upcoming experiences!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Why Ways!

While wondering the why, sharing the why, and respecting the why of people, projects and organizations, is tremendously important, knowing the most appropriate way of getting to that why, is absolutely imperative!

The why is the purpose, the why is the drive, and sometimes, with some people, the why is the way.

What is this "Why Ways", then?

Why Ways work like this:

  • Think of "why" as purpose, reason, or driver.
  • Articulate the why with yourself
  • Communicate the why with others
  • Do not ask people "Why?", rather get them to the purpose, reason, or driver without the question "Why...(anything)?"
    • Ask to understand what the person values, what the person anticipates happening, what the expectations are
    • Inquire to learn how the person sees the outcome, how the person arrived at the decision, how to move forward

The Why Ways are a lot about the ways of the whys, meaning the way why questions impact us.

Even though gaining insight into the "why" empowers us, the act of being asked "Why?" does not. Instead, that quick quip of judging tone and impression makes us feel as though explaining, or even defending, is in order when the seemingly simple inquisitive word "Why?" is posed as a question.

Embracing the importance of WHY without creating an environment that can lose sight of the reason and purpose is possible, and with consistency, even probable!