Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Choosing Wisely for the Best You!

"Choose your love, Love your choice."
~ Thomas S. Monson
American author.
(b. 1928)

We choose how we act, respond, or don't respond through many ways. You are already successful, and by considering these choices perhaps you'll not only be the most well-rounded success you can be, you'll be the most well-rounded person you can be!

Choose happiness. While others will attempt to squash it, question it, and even deny it with interference, jealously or nastiness let that be on them, and for you, choose happiness anyway!

Choose kindness. There's a goodness, a thoughtfulness, an approach a kind person takes. A door is held open, a hand is held tight. Even though others may not see it, recognize or reciprocate your efforts, choose kindness anyway.

Choose integrity. Lead with, and close with respect, honesty and decency. Integrity can seem so large, so vast at times. And in life, in each of our lives, there will be times others attempt to sway you to go against your morals and beliefs. There may even be times it is tempting to take the short cut...the easy way. Look yourself in the mirror, and choose integrity anyway!

Choose collaboration. Notice I didn't say compromise, not even competition! There is enough room for everyone who is good when we focus not on others, but focus on success overall. When people expect you to give up, acquiesce or even lose to them, work through it together, and choose collaboration anyway!

Choose forgiveness. This, of all the choices we have, can often be the most ideal, and yet the most challenging. It's often said it takes two to tango. I say it only takes one to be jealous...and it only takes one to forgive. When we hold on to anger, disappointment and disagreement, we don't punish the other person, we keep ourselves from the freedom to move on. So, even when someone seems unacceptable, unrelenting, dreadful, or unforgiving themselves, choose forgiveness anyway!

Choose generosity. Not just generosity of money, when you can, also generosity of time, spirit and compassion. There are takers and makers in this world. Be an opportunity maker. Even when others seem to take advantage, or simply take, take, take, choose generosity anyway!

Choose love! Have an open heart. Be vulnerable. Let love in, and let love out. Love yourself first, and love others as well. Some people may be cold, put up a wall, have been hurt, and not say I love you back. Smile inside and out, and choose Love anyway!

It's the choices we make, not the circumstances we are in, that make us who we are, and who we will be.  Make your choices. Choose well. Choose well for you. Choose to be the best you can be!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Six Moves to Make Photos Memorable

6 Steps to Powerful Photos

Since the summer is around the corner, and a lot of photos get taken, here are six steps to securing a smile when you see the picture, and not just when you are having it taken. If you are alone in the picture, or not able to be in the middle of a group shot, pick your best side, select that end, and then:

1) Plant your back foot
2) Point your front foot (not with a bent knee, rather a point to elongate the leg)
3) Place your outer hand on side between ribs and hips
4) Position your outer shoulder by rolling it back for good posture and a slight openness from the side
5) Peer out from a down-tilted chin, and up-tilted eyes
6) Present your pearly whites with a smile from your teeth to your eyes

These six quick steps will provide a lean, happy look for pictures to capture your fun and your best look(s)!