Tuesday, December 15, 2015

CHIEF Email Officer - New CEO

"The major advances in speed of communication and ability to interact took place more than a century ago. The shift from sailing ships to telegraph was far more radical than that from telephone to email!"
 ~ Noam Chomsky

With as many emails as you get and receive, please consider becoming your written communication CEO, meaning your own CHIEF Email Officer.

A CHIEF email office within an organization, team or group uses the following in the subject line in all CAPs before a colon and the subject of content that follows:

CHANGE - meaning something has changed in expectation, process or protocol. Example - CHANGE: Vacation Request Process
HEADS UP - when you want the recipient to know about something that is going to happen, yet nothing is to be done. Example - HEADS UP: Moving Forward on Meeting Plans
INPUT - if there is something you are seeking ideas, input or perspective on from the recipient. Example - INPUT: Considering Changing Vendors
EXCELLENCE - for recognizing something done well
- when you want the recipient to get feedback. Example - FEEDBACK: Today's Presentation. Some groups use it as FYI, meaning they want someone to  know about something that is going to happen, even though it will not impact that person, so the HEADS UP becomes for when it impacts the email recipient(s), and FYI is when it does not. Example - FYI: Lower Floor Carpet Changed Overnight (for those on a different floor)

By being the CHIEF Email Officer (CEO), you can be respectful of people's time and interest simply by coding your emails for them (and you) for prioritization and search capabilities, and ultimately keeping your communication professional and clear!

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