Monday, August 20, 2018

How "Maybe" is Worse than "No"!

Telling someone you might be there, or providing a "maybe" as a reply is not only not an answer, it is downright thoughtless in regards to the person asking.

A "no" is not rude. A "no, thank you" requires no other explanation.

A "maybe" means the person asking is left wondering. He or she cannot plan or move forward, rather that person has to follow up with the person replying "maybe" to get a solid response...needlessly taking up time due to the carelessness of planning on the other person's part. If you are not sure if you are going to atttend, say something like "Due to a potential conflict, I'll say "no" for now. If there is a change in plans, when is your final RSVP deadline, if it is not now?" If it is right then, be okay with that - the other person doesn't want to be in "I'll try-ville" or "Maybe Town" or "We'll see-ville" until you make a decision.

When you use "No" instead of "Maybe", will you possibly miss out on opportunities because your time could become free later? Yes. Will you risk getting a reputation of being indecisive, non-committal and thoughtless? No. And, based on that, please stop using "Might", "Maybe" and other distant options in order to position yourself and others for committed experiences!

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