Thursday, June 13, 2019

TAP into Presenting Ideas Positively

When we have an idea, we often want to share it, right?

Other people, though, may not have the same idea, or even be ready to "hear" our thoughts.

What to do?

Please consider these three steps to TAP into Presenting Ideas Positively: Transition, Admission, Position!

T - Transition - Use a word or phrase that is simple and reflects thinking of the other person or people, such as "Considering
 you are looking to...", or "Respecting you have done some research..."
This allows for thought, time and connection.

A - Admission - Give your perspective and own it with something like "I have been thinking about it, too...", or "I am hoping you are open to...
This means you are not dancing around something.

P - Position - Share you idea clearly, in one or two options, without apology or caveats. Something such as "Would you please consider doing X or Y, instead?"
This shows you are asking, not telling,and choices mean you are also open!

When you attempt to TAP into positioning positively, you often don't offend, create conversation, and end on an idea that is workable for all!

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