Wednesday, September 11, 2019

BEAM Support of/to Others

While being self-assured is tremendously important, support of others is as well.

When you want to share that, consider BEAMing that support through these four things/approaches:

B - Belief
E - Empathy
A - Awareness
M - Mindfulness

Sharing belief, expressing empathy, having awareness of what may be challenges and goals, and being mindful of any obstacles and others involved will allow you to be supportive without manipulating, and encouraging without managing.

A way to BEAM is "Tom, because you thrive in front of a group, and I believe in your abilities to persuade, you will impact so many at this conference by telling your story and asking for support of our product. The Board and I look forward to your keynote!

BEAM away, as shining light on others takes none away from you, and perhaps brightens theirs!!

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