Wednesday, October 16, 2019

RSVPing Simplified

RSVP is an English initialism derived from the French statement or question Répondez s'il vous plaît, loosely meaning "Respond if you please" to require confirmation of an invitation in order for the inviting party to be able to plan for who will be at an event.

While there is a part that is "if you please", there is really nothing pleasing about ignoring an invitation. Unless the invitation says "Regrets Only" or something other than RSVP, or please respond on or before DATE, then send your "Yes" or "No, thank you" to any and all formal invitations.

An RSVP is a response. Let someone know yes or no. Respect the deadline, and don't make changes to your RSVP unless something arises that s unavoidable.

People who send out invitations early deserve your respect of an RSVP and your keeping to it. Even if something else comes along, own your actions, and be present fully when attending!

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