Friday, June 12, 2020

Directing Energy Positively!

"People like to be around those who give off positive energy."
~ Erin Heatherton
American Model.
(b. 1989)

Sure, the days can sometimes feel long, and the nights can seem short. It's true. It's been true long before this time in history. That sense is in our mind, and it also can be real. That sense of "a lot", if not considered and owned for change, becomes burdensome, and then, it becomes part of our narrative internally.

Thoughts like this can become words that support that disposition, and such a disposition of not having enough time or feeling taxed leads to language that positions us as lacking in ownership or perspective regarding time and productivity.

People have been claiming that they are busy, too busy, or so busy for quite some time. It seems innocent, and yet it tells ourselves and others nothing other than the fact that we are not owning our time and energy.

Changing language to productive, productivity, and accomplishment says to each of us that we are in control of the time we have available. It's not just about the words, it is about the attitude and actions that follow. Being focused on busy keeps one in that place of circling, where putting energy towards productivity leads the attitude and actions toward getting things done.

Similarly, many do not want to be scheduled too much, so there is a resistance to make a schedule because it feels confining or burdensome. Really, though, calendaring, booking, and having order leads to being structured. Structured days, and therefore, structured people have organization and the ability to create boundaries to stay true to structure for the purpose of a sense of order and direction.

It's not that every day is to feel easy or light, rather it is about being able to assess and address each day, and each night with confidence in self through thoughts, words, and actions. Through those subtle changes, they will add up to a large change in how you direct yourself and your energy.

Allowing, embracing, and directing feelings from busy to productive & scheduled to structured is an empowerment practice for moving forward with strength and purpose!

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