Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Public Speaking Tip - InterACTion

 A good teacher, like a good entertainer, first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson. 
~ John Henrik Clarke

Have you ever felt like someone was talking over you in a presentation, looking past you or above your head? Some public speaking tips encourage that, and it seems nuts, as we, the audience members, can tell when a speaker is not engaged with the audience at all, so don't be that public speaker.

The parts for which to prepare your talk, training, or pitch include the following, and this month, the focus is on the 4th:

1. Open

2. Preview

3. Body

4. Interaction

5. Summary

6. Close

The last months covered the OPEN, the PREVIEW, and the BODY , yet the INTERACTION is where true connection happens, and that is done through ACTing in these ways:

A - Asking questions of the audience, listening to replies, and not making anyone feel they failed. If you ask a question, be prepared to rephrase it in three ways before you answer it yourself. Do not be impatient, or it will seem like you are stressed or uncomfortable. You have thought of things and the audience is just joining in, so give them time to engage.

C - Creating various tones and timing in order to engage the interests of the audience since we follow sound and motion. Speaking in louder or hushed tones to tell a story or to emphasize information gets people intrigued by your thoughtful creativity.

T - Talking with, and throughout the entire room, meaning walk around, stop, sit, and ensure people know you are available and will be near them in some way throughout the talk. If you are using projection, black the screen at times to refocus the group, for if there is nothing on the screen, they are only interacting with you, and that creates a connection.

By the way, the interaction starts long before you begin talking. Meet people, shake their hands, and be available while sincerely interested. People who meet you and connect want you to succeed, whereas, sadly, those who see you as a stranger often look for your errors or missteps. You want the audience to gain from your being there, so give to them before, during, and after your public speaking opportunity!

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