Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How to ROCK Your Work Mindset

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
George Bernard Shaw, Irish Playwright (1856-1950)

You may have gone back to an office, still be remote, or be working a hybrid situation in your work world. All can work, and you can get through with each, or any circumstance, and yet wouldn't it be best to ROCK your professional world?

Here are 4 tips for being the one who ROCKs work. To ROCK, you will want to be:
R - Ready - have yourself set up for success. Clean up, clean out, and have the comfort and style in your space that you want to feel energized, ready, proficient and empowered. If that means new photos, new lights, fewer pictures and less clutter, make it happen. Investing 30-60 minutes in your surroundings can pay off immediately and continually! Being ready ROCKs!
O - Offensive (not offensive to anyone, rather to be an offensive thinker). Stop waiting to react or respond to others and get moving on idea generation, forward-thinking and offering to lead a project, meeting or another endeavor. Get ahead of the game by having quick check-ins with your leaders and your team members. Ensure people know you are on your game and they will want to "play" with you! Being an offensive thinker ROCKs!
C - Collaborative - that smart thinking means you are strong and proud, and yet you are humble and aware. When you are aware that others have their strengths and that you are stronger together, you can collaborate with a competitive edge to drive you all in the right direction rather than competing with a collaborative spin that can keep people down. Collaboration is to be intentional and a firm outreach and ask now, as some people are less visible and included than others. Make the effort to be inclusive in this way. Being collaborative ROCKs!
K - Kind - no matter what, winning, having a down day, keeping the pace, being kind is imperative for your well-being, and quite possibly, those around you physically and virtually. Kindness is one of the everlasting leadership qualities for stars in any field. Have compassion, speak with thoughtful messaging, and keep others in mind. Being kind ROCKs!

Whether in traffic to get to a meeting, or in a Zoom waiting room to get in a Zoom room, you can ROCK your business world with your readiness, offense, collaboration and kindness...all without missing out or "rollin'" off-track!

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