Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Owning YOUR OPENing Connection

Our team has always believed that neither cost and distance should ever prevent people from connecting with their friends and loved ones, and won't rest until everyone, everywhere is empowered with that opportunity.
~ Jan Koum

Like a specific dance, a score of music, or plays for a sports team, people can learn the standard moves, or improvise, but regardless of the venue, regularly following the steps in the planned order proves to be the most favorable approach. The same is true for presenting powerfully.

The parts for which to prepare in your talk, training, or pitch include:

1. Open

2. Preview

3. Body

4. Interaction

5. Summary

6. Close

The rest of the year, we will address these parts (and one more tips, too). This month, let's start with the OPEN!

Because how you begin is often how it flows, and how it flows is how it goes, and how it goes is how it concludes, the way you start your public speaking or presentation comments really matters!

While some call this a variety of words or phrases, I call it the OPEN, and this is absolutely NOT "I am so excited to be here" or "I had a hard time thinking of what I'd talk about today", or "I am so nervous to be here", as that is all about you, and not the audience, and it is about your experience, and not theirs!

Instead, think of the OPEN as a way to:

O - Offer energy and insights into your style

P - Participate WITH the audience, not talk AT them

E - Engage in thought and action

N - Navigate to the space and commitment you are grateful to get

In order to have something in your opening that is relevant to the audience and topic you can also tie it back into the close for continuity and professionalism. Options for ways to open after you have greeted/thanked/acknowledged the audience, include:

• A visual on the screen or music playing

• An activity that involves the entire audience

• An activity that involves only a few in the audience

• A statistic, study or fact presented directly or in a fun way

• A joke (if you are using intentional humor, and you are funny)

• A short story (which could involve humor or not)

When you start with something listed above, you get people introduced to your style, and they are quickly part of the experience, and not simply taking in you or your data! The OPEN will lead you to the PREVIEW, which we will cover next month.

So, open strong, and continue with strength for the audience, and about the audience, and watch your talk soar!

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