Friday, August 16, 2019

SHARE Your Brainstorming

If you want to get ideas out on the table, and you want other people's input, too, brainstorming is an excellent approach to collaboration and advancement.

Still, we often have brainstorming sessions that stifle people, have biases, and end as simply a formality to getting someone's idea in place.

SHARE your brainstorming successfully by doing the following 5 things:
S - Set the stage for the expected
 outcomes and set the stage with a clear problem statement to solution
H - Have rules of engagement that level sett the room and letting everyone know his and her ideas count, and how NO is not part of the conversations, and that personal attacks are in the past along with courtesy and openness being part of the present..."
A - Ask for input and record all of them without discussion
R - Revisit each idea after all are recorded in order to keep, alter, or dismiss for that problem
E - End the session by selecting and agreeing to moving forward with a plan and thanking the participants

Using the SHARE approach to brainstorming becomes an approach to solutioning situations with collaboration and buy-in!

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