Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Less "I", "Me", "My", More "You", "Yours, "Ours"

If you think about society, there are a lot of comments about people being self-absorbed.

In order to stay away from that perception about your brand or being, then please consider using less "I", "Me", "My", and incorporating more "You", "Yours", "Ours".

How so?
  • In written communication, including emails, replace "I hope you are doing well" with "Hopefully you are doing well." 
  • Similarly, when asked your opinion, shift from "For me, my idea is..." to "Since you like X, you may enjoy Y".
  • Additionally, in collaborating, offer "What is best for our situation..." over "What you need to do..."
Subtly demonstrating a focus on others will make for a clear message that you want to engage and grow rather than insert and insist!

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